This last task, we have been asked to reflect on the course as a whiole. As I come to the end of this 23Things course, which I have done mainly on Saturdays and Sundays when I’ve been at home, I’ve really enjoyed thinking about and exploring various new tools and things I wanted to try for a while but didn’t have the time or purpose to do so.

  • Were there Things that you particularly enjoyed? The digital footprint things (Thing 2), as I had not looked at this in detail in my day job for a while, it was nice to spend some time reflecting on my own digital footprint and what happens to it.
  • Was there a Thing has has either had something in it that surprised you, or one you particularly enjoyed? Creating an Emoji for myself in the Accessibility Thing (Thing 5) was both surprising as I’d not thought of it as something that would be covered in a course like this, but also fun at the same time, learning is best when you are in the flow and immersed in it!
  • Have you been reading the community blogs? How did you find the blogging aspect of the course? Yes, I’ve read some from my colleague at City, University of London, Dom Pates and also from Dr Maren Deepwell, the CEO of ALT, who’s been doing this course with her team at ALT.
  • Did you have any difficulties completing the Things? I thought Thing 22 this week was difficult in that I didn’t see a point to it, so choosing a tool to use, especially as Vine will close soon, made choosing a tool difficult.
  • If you were to do a course like this again is there anything you would change, or additional support you would like to see? Possibly more (optional) tweetchats for supporting people, maybe a group of support tutors from the community to support the community doing it, but other than this, the topics and pace have been very good!
  • If you wrote a blog post at the beginning on what you hoped to gain out of the 23 Things course, looking back on the post do you feel you achieved those goals? I wrote on Thing 1:

    A) what you hope to gain out of the 23 Things programme?

    I’m hoping to gain some new skills, read blogs from like minded people, experience a Community of Practice (Wenger, 1998), see what sorts of resources are out there in this area for staff and students and take the best ones to use in my own teaching. The idea being I would curate not create resources from scratch as many university teachers often do.

    I think reflecting briefly I have managed to do all these things and I have taken some aspects of the OERs etc into workshops for both staff and students at City, University of London where I work as an Educational Technologist, so doing this blog has given me a lot of ideas and also got me writing (not academic writing) for fun again, which I hope to continue in the months ahead as a regular weekend habit if I can.