So the next of Week 9’s tasks are Augmented and Virtual Reality. I know how expensive and complex Virtual Reality can be, so it’s nice to explore apps with a strong educational purpose and that are free. I played with Anatomy 4D a little. I like the augmented reality aspect of it and the layers you can hide or reveal as you target the tablet on the shape of the organ you are looking for. This should be in more textbooks at all levels in the near future. I can see this working for all subjects but especially the sciences, although to produce this content must be expensive! I can really see the learning gain in Anatomy 4D compared to other apps mentioned this week, especially PokemonGo. I think the technology to create these augmented reality should be made cheaper to make this an option in the content production by academic staff at all levels. Could this be the PowerPoint of the 21st Century, in 20 years, where the students of tomorrow think of PowerPoint as dated as students do of Overhead Projector slides!