Rhetoric and Reality of Higher Education

This blog post is a reflection of two events I went to at the end of October at Keele University and at the UK Council of Graduate Education, both [...]

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Summertime…‌ ‌and‌ ‌the‌ ‌learnin’‌ ‌is(n’t)‌ ‌easy‌

A guest blog post for #HEblogswap by Dr Emma Kennedy, Lecturer in HE Learning & Teaching at University of Greenwich | @EmmaKDev  As some reading this may know, I’m coming [...]

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Publishing in Technology Enhanced Learning – Why, Where and When

This brief post on where someone should publish in Technology Enhanced Learning has been prompted by an ex-colleague asking me for some advice. So I thought a public post on [...]

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10 life lessons from a galaxy far far away

This Christmas, I had a break from the Sphere of Twitter and visited a long held item on my wish list to watch the Star Wars films, having never seen a frame [...]

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#HEblogswap – Find a blog partner, write for each other’s blog and post – 13th September

Last year, Dr Emma Kennedy from QMUL (an Educational Developer) and I swapped a blog post on City, University of London's Learning at City and the QMUL ADEPT blogs . [...]

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