So it’s the last week of 23Things and this week we are asked to try out fun and playful apps. So I decided to signup for Snap chat, I hear it’s what all the young people are into nowadays. I have to say, maybe because I’m not quite the demographic of this app, but I didn’t feel a wow factor to it like other apps I have used in the past. The idea of self deleting images is a good one, but as we have seen in the news, people are saving images and/or videos to their camera rolls and uploading or sharing with others and shaming those who have originally sent messages to them in private. I also like the Story idea too, which makes creates a narrative of a series of snaps. I think for those children who have grown up in this digital world and want to connect with them will find this app fun, but for me I was left asking myself what’s the point. In terms of digital literacy, it’s teaching children the new skills of curation and select and of telling a story via images that previous generations have not been taught, so I can see this is a fun way to do this. Will I come back to Snap chat, well like Twitter, Instagram and other services when I initially signed up and thought they’d go away or not be popular, I might do, but for now I have many platforms to share my work, communicate with friends and family via technology and actually prefer not to use technology in these social aspects of my life, because I think there’s a case for actually meeting up with someone over a drink and not sharing a silly snap chat or Instagram photo with them.