I have to say I had not really explored the possibilities of Geolocation tools. Essentially we all have a GPS enabled device in our pocket (or and it’s a Computer more powerful than what they used to send man on the moon!), your mobile phone! This GPS location, accurate information can be used to play a high tech hide and seek, such as Geocaching.com or using the many apps using maps, data and location to make geography or history field trips etc interesting / exciting, really brings the past or physical locations to life! I wish I was studying in School at this time, I would have loved to use my phone in this way. We just used Ordnance Survey maps on our trips (before there were mobile phones etc).

It’s been fun exploring these tools and takes us into the great outdoors. I like how the toolkits can get enthusiastic coders to develop apps or customise existing ones to meet the needs of learners. We are always saying that young children are not playing out as much, why not run a Geocaching.com adventure or similar with them this Christmas?! Definately a case of technology enhanced learning in action with this topic this week!