Now you see me: are ‘webcams-on’ policies ever justified?

A guest blog post for #HEblogswap by Dr Emma Kennedy, Lecturer in HE Learning & Teaching at University of Greenwich | @EmmaKDev  Is it ever okay to compel students to turn on their webcam? It’s a question many have asked, and answered, and many great arguments have already been made (here’s one by Rebecca Barrett-Fox). [...]

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Rhetoric and Reality of Higher Education

This blog post is a reflection of two events I went to at the end of October at Keele University and at the UK Council of Graduate Education, both where I presented and spoke to some brilliant people, but it made me think of the well known English phrase ‘rhetoric and reality’. To put [...]

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Summertime…‌ ‌and‌ ‌the‌ ‌learnin’‌ ‌is(n’t)‌ ‌easy‌

A guest blog post for #HEblogswap by Dr Emma Kennedy, Lecturer in HE Learning & Teaching at University of Greenwich | @EmmaKDev  As some reading this may know, I’m coming to the end of four years working at Queen Mary, University of London (leaving to take up a position at the University of Greenwich). This [...]

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Education is a marathon not a sprint

"Education is a marathon and not a sprint" This is what an ex-line manager in Secondary School said to me when I was a new teacher. Find out at the end of the post to see what else he said about a career in education. As always, there's such wisdom in an experienced educator and [...]

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Publishing in Technology Enhanced Learning – Why, Where and When

This brief post on where someone should publish in Technology Enhanced Learning has been prompted by an ex-colleague asking me for some advice. So I thought a public post on this and why you would or would not want to publish in Technology Enhanced Learning, if you are about to undertake a project or have [...]

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#HEblogswap – Find a blog partner, write for each other’s blog and post – 13th September

Last year, Dr Emma Kennedy from QMUL (an Educational Developer) and I swapped a blog post on City, University of London's Learning at City and the QMUL ADEPT blogs . We are planning to do the same this year on 13th September. #HEblogswap - 13th September. Use this image to tweet the message below. [...]

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Things to consider before you go on the distance learning road

In the second of my third post trilogy on higher education strategy, I explore distance learning. I have heard this past term many colleagues and ex-colleagues mention distance learning. Questions arise such as ‘are you doing distance learning at your institution?’. I believe institutions need to look at their core values, mission statement etc before [...]

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Institutional Signature Pedagogy — Like Avocado on Toast?

Originally posted on and This post is inspired by the work of the University of York, in particular, the idea of a ‘York Pedagogy’ and a comment from Chef Jamie Oliver I read in a paper a while back saying you don’t need a complicated recipe for Avocado on Toast. So I wondered [...]

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A new book on Smart Learning I contributed to!

Are you looking for innovative ideas to make better use of the devices your students bring to class? If you are thinking about how to teach and learn with smart devices, then this new book is full of practical ideas! Smart Learning published by the Media Enhanced Learning Group, is about teaching and learning with [...]

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