Last year, Dr Emma Kennedy from QMUL (an Educational Developer) and I swapped a blog post on City, University of London’s Learning at City and the QMUL ADEPT blogs . We are planning to do the same this year on 13th September.

#HEblogswap 13th September graphic

#HEblogswap – 13th September. Use this image to tweet the message below. Image:, modified by Santanu Vasant.

This year, we’d like the Higher Education Development Community to join us!  If you work in a Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching or equivalent, or have your own blog with a higher educational focus, then you should  find a partner first (tweet with the hashtag #HEblogswap), write for each other’s blogs (either get an account or send a word document to each other and ask the other person to add your name to the blog post) and post on the 13th September with the hashtag #HEblogswap.

We hope to see some interesting posts from the higher educational development communities and share practice, before the autumn term starts at Universities across the UK.

If you are on Twitter, please tweet –

Blog swap! Find a blog partner, write for each other, post on 13 Sept! Tweet (and find a partner on the hashtag!) or retweet tweet:

Make this September #HEblogswap month. Find a blog partner, write for each other’s blogs and post on 13th September. Don’t forget to comment on other blogs tweets via the #HEblogswap. Happy Blogging and Reading!