I used to be a very big user of Evernote, but recently due to Evernote changes, I migrated my notes to OneNote. For a ‘free’ tool, it’s very good, I use it every day in meetings and at my desk at work, on my PC at home, on my phone and tablet as an App. It synchronises all my notes. I have notebooks for each area of my life (I know, I didn’t know I had so many!). A little known feature that people might not know about is the ability to take a photo of a page in a book or newspaper and have OneNote recognise the text via Optional Character Recognition (OCR, not to be confused with the Examinations Board, as a student at the School I’m a governor at said in a lesson I was sitting in on, GCSE Computing, ‘Sir, it stands for Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts!).

Let the 1MinuteCPD folks explain this via a video (see below). Enjoy!