Like over 1 in 12 people globally, I do use Facebook, but not as much I can could or should. Mainly due to the level of data the social media platform would gather on me if I did use Facebook Groups. I have used them in the past, having created and joined a Facebook Group and I found them useful, however I think less and less people use Facebook for organising events etc and have moved to apps like WhatsApp. When the product is free, you are the product is the phrase I have heard and Facebook is free, so what are they doing with the data that millions of people using Facebook group give the social media giant. This links back to previous weeks on your digital footprint. Would I use them in the future if I needed? Maybe, but I’d probably use WhatsApp or something different in the future where I knew the data wasn’t being held by such a big social media giant. If you have a need for organising very big events, then due to the face 1 in 12 people globally are on Facebook, it can be the way to organise events quickly and easily. For me, I’ll pass on using them in the short term, as I don’t have a need for them.