The second of week 3’s Things, Thing 6 was all about accessibility. This is something that I was very aware of in 2004 when I first started to work in e-Learning as it was then (now Technology Enhanced Learning). Something has got lost along the way I feel, especially in how people deal with accessibility for people who find the web difficult to use. I was surprised when I put the web address, which has recently been redesigned into It gave me 8 errors, mainly labelling for form controls etc, along with hundreds of minor areas in the homepage of the University where I currently work. This is probably one of the better University home pages I have seen over the years, so I wonder what other institutions would get if they used this website to analyse their accessibility. I discovered on this page that most of the errors are easily fixable but that efforts are not always made to do so. I’m definitely going to look at websites and apps in a different light. It’s shocking that these days, accessibility isn’t possible as a must have not nice to have.