What I found suprising from these readings: Smartphone Security InformationApple iPhone or iPad and My Permissions  – Apple Store is just how much data apps are collecting. I seem to remember a few years ago hearing the phrase ‘when the product is free, you are the product’ and in the case of free apps and digital security, you are indeed the product. What these readings don’t say is what the apps are doing with this data on you. Selling them, helping them to build better products. Whatever it is, it’s very valuable and I will certainly be looking at the apps I use and don’t use and tightening the security of my phone. The idea of the phone as a ‘wallet’ is a very powerful one in my view. I’d be interested to know how many of our university students know half of this and who’d teach them in their institutions? How many IT department in universities have updated policies on all this for starters?!

In this day and age of digital, these topics just have to be addressed sooner rather than later in a child’s education surely. There’s a few things I learnt here as an Educationalist that I didn’t know before. Lots of food for thought this week.