Thing 12 asks us to ” Find an OER in your field and share it on your blog. To do this, use either the Edinburgh OERs, or the resources provided on the Open.Ed ‘Where to find OERs’ page.” There are many places to go for OERs, which was presented to us.

So I found this video “EDC – Utopias and Distopias: Looking to the future” (Open Education Edinburgh, 2014). I think it’s an example of media that more educators should use when teaching that someone else has produced for the purposes of learning and teaching. Video is costly to produce (in terms of time to script, shoot and edit), so why not use some alternative media in your teaching via OER Commons or similar that is licenced to be used openly. I think those that run these repositories need to do more to highlight them and make them more searchable, otherwise they will produce resources that people can’t find. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to reflect on the Uptopian and Distopian views of e-Learning!