I’ve started what I hope will be my first complete MOOC, although you know what they say about MOOC completion! This is the first posting from the University of Edinburgh’s 23Things MOOC, it started today, 12th September, goes on for 12 weeks and is released in blocks, more information via this video

I’ve been asked the following questions, so I’ll answer them, as I’m a strategic learner! (Race, 2014)

A) what you hope to gain out of the 23 Things programme?

I’m hoping to gain some new skills, read blogs from like minded people, experience a Community of Practice (Wenger, 1998), see what sorts of resources are out there in this area for staff and students and take the best ones to use in my own teaching. The idea being I would curate not create resources from scratch as many university teachers often do.

B) Were you aware of the University’s Social Media Guidelines for Staff and Researchers or the student Social Media Student Handbook? What do you think of the guidelines/handbook?

I was vaguely aware of University of Edinburgh’s Social Media Guidelines for Staff, not for Students, but they both look very interesting and informative at first glance, but could be a little more colourful, interactive, use video or audio or just generally be more appealing? I designed a Social Media at Work course for Staff at Imperial College London where I was Learning Technology Coordinator for Organisational Staff Development using Adobe Captivate, Video, Audio and some interactivity, that was quite popular.


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